This year, St. Joseph’s will be offering all parents the opportunity to buy your Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree. Sizes available are:

Super Grade 100/125cm (3-4ft) at £30.00

Super Grade125/150cm (4-5ft) at £35.00

Premium Grade 150/175cm (5-6ft) at £45.00

Premium Grade 175/200cm (6-7ft) at £50.00

Premium Grade 200/250cm (7-8ft) at £65.00

If you wish to order your tree, please do so by clicking on the following CHRISTMAS TREE ORDER FORM LINK.

All orders will need to be received by 26th November 2021. Payment must be made via Parentmail prior to collection.

All profits will be reinvested into the school.

You will be able to collect your tree from St. Joseph’s car park on Monday, 6th December.