St Joseph’s is privileged to have a chapel / spiritual room set apart for class liturgies, prayer and reflection.  At the heart of “The Well” is the tabernacle where Jesus is truly present at the heart of our school in the Blessed Sacrament – the Eucharist – made present for us at every Mass. Within ‘The Well’ we build upon the spiritual life of the school and are conscious of the spiritual needs of both staff and pupils and endeavour to make Christ present for everyone.  “The Well” as a sacred space is used by children from our Crèche, Pre-school and all year groups.  Once a month, staff have a short Reflection and Prayer Service which enables them to build upon their own prayer life, often in the context of Eucharistic Adoration. All children in the school experience Eucharistic Adoration within their Advent and Lent Liturgies and at other times. Holy Mass is celebrated several times during the school year and the Sacrament of Reconciliation is made available during Advent and Lent for children in Year 4 and above.

The atmosphere within ‘The Well’ is of a sacred space, often with sacred music playing softly and it is in this atmosphere that the children come to learn about our Catholic faith, the Liturgical Year of the Church, God’s Word and the people of God.  They listen to stories about Jesus’ life, His ministry and His teachings, they explore and discuss stories about His miracles, and of the greatest commandment he left us with, ‘Love one another as I have loved you’. 

Our School Chaplain is Deacon Craig Aburn.

Tour of The Abbey in Farnborough that holds the national shrine of St. Joseph. Abbot Cuthbert greeted us and led us on the tour. Edmund Adamus from the Portsmouth Diocese joined us on this memorable day. Deacon Craig let a candle and placed it on the altar for the intentions of all the boys, girls and staff of St. Joseph.

Updated May 2021.