The School was judged to be OUTSTANDING for The School As a Catholic Community and GOOD for the RE Curriculum and OUTSTANDING for Spiritual and Moral Development. by the Diocese of Portsmouth in its most recent Validation Report.

Here is an extract from the report:

2012 Validation Report

St Joseph’s is an example of an outstanding Catholic school community. All in the school community are committed to its mission to welcome and value Christ in everyone, whilst seeking the highest possible achievements. The personal witness to the faith of staff and pupils is lived out through the quality of the relationships within the school and the welcome that is extended to all those who enterSt Joseph’s.

The good, and sometimes outstanding, standard of religious education (RE), that is provided for the pupils, enables them to develop a firm foundation to their faith. Pupils make good progress in RE, through the good quality teaching and learning that enthuses the children.

 The ethos of St Joseph’s permeates all aspects of school life. The chaplain, through her dedicated work, unites the worshipping community. The physical environment of the school, the Well, the Spiritual Garden and displays celebrating the arts, are key features of the life of the school and they provide many opportunities that contribute to pupils’ outstanding spiritual and moral development. Opportunities to foster pupils’ spiritual development can be found across the curriculum. The school community values and celebrates all as God’s children.

2016 Validation Report

  • The school’s vision to ‘Welcome all and value Christ in everyone, whilst seeking the highest possible achievements’ permeates the life of the school, with all members of the community taking an active part in living out this mission.
  • Leaders provide a very strong and highly effective model of Christian leadership, where all are valued. They inspire the community to share in a strong sense of vision and mission, resulting in a highly collaborative and successful school with a positive ethos.
    • The school is proud of its Catholic heritage and regularly gives a visible Christian witness, through its charitable works and its religious processions through the local area.
    • Spiritual development is outstanding.   Pupils are provided with a wide range of spiritual opportunities. The provision of The Well and the Spiritual Garden enhance this provision still further. Their availability to the wider community is a positive sign of Christian outreach.
  • The overwhelming majority of parents are supportive of the school and its mission.
    • Pupils make outstanding progress and achieve highly in religious education (RE). When the pupils leave St Joseph’s standards in RE are above national expectations.
    • Teaching of RE is of a consistently good standard, with many elements of outstanding practice.
    • Pupils demonstrated a very positive attitude to learning in the lessons observed. Regular pupil surveys show that they have a high regard for their school. The children spoken with on the day commented on how what they learn in RE and the Gospels helps them in their day to day lives.
  • Leadership of RE is outstanding. The commitment of the RE team, particularly the RE co-ordinator and deputy, to continually review practice and develop it further is a key strength.
  • Moral development is outstanding. The children in the school demonstrate outstanding behaviour and Christian attitudes.
  • St Joseph’s is pro-active in recruiting and training teachers for our Catholic schools and in nurturing and developing them as potential future leaders within our diocesan family.

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