You will find below a selection of YouTube video links for science by year group. You will see that each video has a document to go alongside that gives links to further information referred to in my videos; there are also key words and individual activities to be done after watching the video.

In KS1 and KS2 children usually have 2 hours of science a week. You will find that the information in the video and the corresponding sheet will cover these 2 hours. However, should your child wish to do more, there are lots of links given on the previous pages for science which I can thoroughly recommend.

One last thing – science should be fun at this age! If your child has ideas about what they’d like to learn then don’t be afraid to follow their interests. As I’ve said before, we will cover the whole curriculum when we return (and for those in year 6, I promise they’ll be covering the same topics in Y7 and Y8) – don’t worry, your child will not miss out or fall behind.

With my best wishes, Mrs Keogh X

We hope you find the videos useful. Please do  not share or put the below videos on social media as we have deliberately made them as private as possible. Thank you for your understanding.

These pages are updated regularly