The school aims to provide for the spiritual welfare, academic progress, physical development, aesthetic awareness and pastoral care of every child, within a secure, stable and stimulating atmosphere conducive to effective learning that reflects St Joseph’s strong Catholic ethos.

Teaching and Learning at St Joseph’s

Structure and the belief that all children can achieve is key to all learning at St Joseph’s. In all subjects, recalling pre-knowledge and skills is fundamental to our rationale for all curriculum areas. This means that essential linked knowledge/ skills are revised and links made with children’s current learning in all subjects. Key concepts/ end points for each topic are highlighted and over-learning of these areas occurs through repetition, modelling and scaffolding of learning. Through our subject-specific Schemes of Work, we make sure that learning for all is progressive and sequential. In addition, reading and vocabulary are emphasised in all subjects. Thus, key concepts become embedded in the long-term memory.


As a Catholic family we welcome all and value Christ in everyone, whilst seeking the highest possible achievements.

The School’s Vision and Mission Statements underpin all aspects of our planning, our chosen pedagogy and our delivery. We believe that all have the ability to achieve to their best and our curriculum and varied choice of pedagogy enables all children to do this.

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Updated September 2021.