In line with the new curriculum we have updated and changed the way we assess how well pupils are achieving.

Summative Assessment

Achievement is judged on a five point scale within the year, against the relevant NC Programme of study for each year group. Year 2 and Year 6 follow the national assessment descriptions.

  1. Working below the expected standard- SUPPORT (RED) SS below 85
  2. Developing towards the expected standard- PRACTISE (ORANGE) SS 85 – 95
  3. Working Securely within the expected standard- CONSOLIDATE (YELLOW) SS 96- 115
  4. Working above the expected standard- ENRICH (LIGHT GREEN) SS 116 – 130
  5. Working at mastery standard (DARK GREEN)– MASTERY SS 130 +

The scale relates to achievement within a year group and reflects the Programme of Study for that year group. The individual Schemes of Work relate directly to the New Curriculum (2014) Programmes of Study. Summative assessments are carried out each term in reading, writing, grammar, science and mathematics by teacher assessment against specific criteria from the subject’s Scheme of Work. This is then recorded on the school’s tracking system. In addition a standardised test is used at the end of each academic year to help inform and moderate overall teacher assessments. The standardised scores highlighted are used as broad boundaries that reflect nationally recognised achievement.

Assessment Policy

Updated September 2021.