Children to acquire expressive skills that will positively impact on their creativity throughout their lives. We want children to enjoy expressing their ideas in their own unique style and critically analyse art from other cultures and the work of artists.

At St. Joseph’s we believe that all children should experience the joy of an art education grounded in creativity and wonder. They will be learning skills that will enable them to produce art work to the best of their ability. We have a skills progression in each area of art which we adhere to and reinforce in lessons. The Scheme of work is reviewed regularly and is sequential, with clear pre- skills and end points. Key vocabulary is emphasised to enhance children’s learning and understanding in art. Art is linked to other subjects when appropriate to further enhance children’s learning.

We ensure that children have the ability to access all areas of the art curriculum and are given opportunities to progress and reinforce their skills on a regular basis, by repetition, over-learning and modelling of key skills. We place a strong emphasis on sketching and painting with other areas such as collage, textiles and sculpture being interspersed throughout the year. Their art books are used to help them understand the skills they have learnt and how they can use these in their activities. They are given time to reflect on their work and therefore inform themselves on how they will add and change their work next time.

The art curriculum is reinforced by memorable experiences, for example the creation of display work, competition work and a focus on the work of famous artists.

At Key Stage 1, children are taught in their classroom by their class teacher supported by the specialist teacher. At Key Stage 2 a specialist teacher, Mrs Lawrence, is employed to give art lessons to all classes in a purpose-built designated art room.

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Updated September 2021.