Every child is a composer and a performer, with a secure knowledge of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions, including the works of the great composers and musicians.

Singing is at the heart of our culture as a school. We place a strong emphasis on singing in our masses, assemblies, liturgies and celebrations. Every child has singing assembly every week. Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 have specially adapted singing assemblies according to which year they are in. St. Joseph’s has a proud reputation of its choir, who rehearse weekly and perform at special events and retirement homes during the festive season.

All children enjoy a fun and varied music education in every year group. Their lessons ensure a skills progression throughout, where children listen and learn challenging pieces of music. We are inclusive and ensure that all achieve their best in music. The Scheme of Work is sequential and has clearly defined pre- skills and end points, making sure that knowledge and skills are embedded in children’s long-term memory. Repetition and modelling are key elements to lessons. Musical vocabulary is reinforced in every lesson to enable children to build up the appropriate responses in discussion work and their practical activities. The Scheme of Work links learning to other curriculum subjects if appropriate to further enhance learning.

There are performance opportunities throughout the year via concerts, assemblies, church services and their own music lessons.

If a child shows potential during their music lessons or expresses an interest in learning an instrument outside of class music, then they are actively encouraged to do so. Every child has the opportunity, we endeavour to supply lessons and instruments, no matter what their circumstances. At present we offer a wide variety of peripatetic lessons, to give as much choice as we possibly can.

Please click here to view our school Music Policy.

Updated September 2021.