“As a Catholic family we welcome all and value Christ in everyone, whilst seeking the highest possible achievements”

Our vision is how we approach the teaching of not only RE but it is embedded in the rest of our curriculum.

RE is a core subject and underpins the Christian values which define our St. Joseph’s community. RE is taught as an academic subject and is delivered for two hours a week in KS1 and two and a half hours in KS2.

The school uses ‘God Matters’ as the basis for its RE teaching, adapting it to the needs of the school. There are no significant changes to the Scheme of Work however, the questions we use to assess pupil understanding have been revised to ensure that we can gather improved evidence of what the pupils know and understand in RE, how they can apply what they learn  and what their understanding of their faith  means for them.  It is important that the children can relate scripture to their own lives.

Children come to St. Joseph’s at different stages in their faith journey. Family situations vary as do children’s spiritual experiences outside school. Some may already be engaged while others may be hearing the gospel teachings for the first time. In RE lessons we aim to guide all children in:

  • knowledge and understanding of Catholic faith and life;
  • knowledge and understanding of the response of faith to the ultimate questions about human life, its origin and purpose;
  • the skills required to examine and reflect upon religious belief and practice.

From an early age, children become familiar with Old Testament scripture and the Gospel teachings of the New Testament. As they move up through the school, they are encouraged to question and relate these teachings to their own lives. They learn that Jesus is with us today and that His messages are as relevant today as ever.

The Christian principles of love and forgiveness which emerge from our RE lessons, permeate the whole curriculum and life at St. Joseph’s. Children understand that everyone has been created in the image of Christ and that everyone is equal.

To put our faith into practice, children become involved in various charity events throughout the year which raise money for communities in need, locally, nationally and globally. We have close links with CAFOD which is involved in overseas development and our Fairtrade work supports Christ’s teachings relating to justice and equality.

While it is our primary intention to show children how to develop their own spirituality and their relationship with God, we also explore the teachings and philosophies of other world faiths.  Children understand the need for tolerance in all aspects of life and we always seek to find similarities rather than differences.

At St. Joseph’s, children enjoy their RE lessons. There are many opportunities for discussion and lessons are brought to life with drama, role play and other creative activities. At least twice a year, parents are invited to share worship with their children.

Children leave St. Joseph’s confident in their understanding of their faith and comfortable in their understanding of other faiths. They know that Christ taught them to treat everyone with respect and to speak up for justice.

We have a number of liturgies for both staff and students during the year led by our School Chaplain and our Parish Priest celebrates Mass at least once a term and on Holy days of Obligation for the whole school. This year’s liturgy timetable can be found here.

Updated September 2021.