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RE Champions




A first for our school is the appointment of 12 children to inspire other children and adults to become closer to God. Seen here with Father Anthony, our parish priest, Mrs Biggs, our RE co-ordinator and Mrs McLaren, our RE governor.


Fr Anthony has been training our RE champions to carry out liturgical ministries. The children have been making prayer cards, leading worships and assisting in masses. They have been helping children to find the fun in religion, with fun fact Fridays!


Spring Term 2023

Our RE Champions continue on thier mission to 'Spread the Good News'.  During the Spring Term they will work in small groups to lead class worships across the infant classes, starting with Early Years.  They worked together to organise themselves into their leading roles and share the Gospel for the day and focus on it's key message going forth.  

Well done to our RE Champions for leading Collective Worship for our younger children.  

Autumn Term 2022

As the world reads the headline – less than half of the world’s population is Christian – St. Joseph’s RE champions opened ‘The Well’ so that children could go in and offer up a silent prayer and light a candle (electric of course!)

It was heartening to see that children had to queue to go in, as so many had decided to use their lunchtime in this way.  Well done Re Champions for being so organised and inspiring!

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