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Safeguarding Training

Academic Year 2022/23 Training List






Thursday 1st September 

(Inset Day) *

Whole School Safeguarding Training – KCSIE, Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy – EXTERNAL TRAINING – Jean Holdcroft HCC Children’s Services

Our Safeguarding Procedures – Mary Geen

Friday 2nd September

New LSA Brook Sexual Behaviours Traffic Light Tool Training 

Monday 12th September

Online Safety Training - Mr Kelly

Monday 10th October

(Date change due to the Queen's Funeral)

Early Help Referral Training - in light of changes.

Monday 7th November

Prevent Training

Monday 14th November

Safeguarding/Antibullying Week

Wednesday 4th January

Learning from Local Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews (LCSPRs) – DDSL Training


Wednesday 11th January

An Introduction to Child and Adolescent Violence to Parents – DDSL Training


Wednesday 18th January

New Staff Training

Friday 20th January

Lunchtime Supervisor Safeguarding Training - Updates/Physical restraint

Monday 27th February

Child on Child Abuse – DDSL to train teachers


Monday 6th March

Review policy for Child on Child Abuse and Procedures for a Discloser. - Teachers and LSAs

Monday 13th March

KCSIE Quiz - revise knowledge opportunity - Teachers and LSAs

Thursday 4th May

All staff – Safeguarding Quiz


Thursday 4th May Lunchtime Supervisors and Catering Staff - Safeguarding issues and how to respond?


* Safeguarding Training is provided to all new members of staff with updates provided throughout the year.  Key training is focused on KCSIE 2022, Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct.

Academic Year 2021/22 Training List






Thursday 1st September 2021

(Inset Day) *

Whole School Safeguarding Training – KCSIE, Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

Over the month of September

Teaching Staff Brook Traffic Light Training – x2 staff meetings (time to complete) (Hampshire SCP)

Tuesday 5th October *

New dinner staff Safeguarding Training

19th October

LSA Training: Brook Traffic Lights Training Tool – time given (Hampshire SCP)

Week beginning 15th November

Safeguarding/Antibullying Week

Monday 10th January *

Student Teachers Safeguarding Training


Early Help Training – Staff Meeting

Wednesday 2nd March

DSL and Deputy DSL Training – (Webinar) Increased Awareness Webinar on Reducing Parental Conflict (Hampshire SCP)

Wednesday 30th March

Deputy DSL Training – (Webinar) Prevent Training (Hampshire SCP)

Monday 7th March

Dinner Staff safeguarding updates training – identifying and responding to safeguarding concerns.

Tuesday 21st March *

New Year 1/2 Class Teacher (Maternity Cover) Safeguarding Training (KCSIE and Policy)

Nursery Manager – Safeguarding Training (KCSIE and Policy)

Monday 4th April

Neglect Training – Staff Meeting

Thursday 5th May

Safeguarding Training: What to look out for and how to respond within your role.

Office Staff

Catering Staff

Lunchtime Supervisors

Caretakers and Cleaning Staff

Monday 9th May*

Year 4 Cover Teacher (ECT) Safeguarding Training

Monday 16th May

KCSIE refresher – Staff Meeting

Monday 6th June

Online Safety CPD (OSA – Online Safety Alliance) – Online Safety for Staff


Time given over the 3 staff meetings.

Monday 20th June

Monday 27th June


Safeguarding Courses for Parents/Carers




Online Safety Training KS1 Parents/Carers


Online Safety Training KS2 Parents/Carers

Additional Training

Whole Staff Training 2021/22

March 2022 – Safer Recruitment training (Judy Westwood)

June 2022 – Safer Recruitment training (Lauren Williams)

LGB / Director Safeguarding Training 2021/22

September 2021 – Online safeguarding training (KCSIE 2021)

January 2022 – Safeguarding update & H&S update (Director’s Day)

July 2022 – Safer Recruitment training (Richard Fridge)

LGB / Director Safeguarding Training 2022/23

September 2022 – Online safeguarding training (KCSIE 2022)

September 2022 – DSL safeguarding training – Link Governor (Stephanie Dew)

September 2022 – SCR training – Link Governor (Stephanie Dew)

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