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Year 4 Residential - Grittleton House 2024

The children have had a great time participating well in many activities.  The photos show how much fun they  have had.  Well done Year 4 for being GREAT on your residential.

Book Week

How many books can you find in our rap?

French Trip 2024


Goodbye Year 6

Below are photos taken from our Year 6 Leavers Assembly.  Good luck to all our Year 6 children on their next step to Secondary School.  We will miss you.

Year 5 Sleepover

A fantastic time was had by the children, from setting up the tents until going home the next day.  They participated in a variety of events from arts and crafts to sporting activities.  The barbecue was tasty and they games and songs around the bonfire was an absolute treat.  The children enjoyed  this experience.

Year 3 trip to Hobbledown Farm

The Year 3 children had an amazing time viewing the animals and playing in the playarea.  There was lots of fun and laughter from all with the children living their best life!

Early Years On Their Bikes

Our Early Years children were very excited to take part in a 'Balance, Glide and Ride' balance bike course. The sessions involved the children learning to ride bikes without stabilisers, either learning to ride from a balance bike moving to a pedal bike or, for those who could already pedal freely, working on improving their riding skills. We were very impressed with the level of resilience the children showed: persevering through wobbles and minor spills and really trying their best.  The members leading the training were very impressed by the children's manners and enthusiasm. 

Year 4 Residential - Grittleton House

The Year 4 children spending 3 wonderful days at the Manor House.  Lots of challenge, adventure and most importantly FUN!

Year 6 French Trip

Year 3 Buster Farm Trip

Year 3 travelled to Butser Farm to enrich their History topic of The Stone Age.
The children took part in many activities and learned many historical terms including archeology. They enjoyed seeing how people lived back then and understanding how life was so different. 

Year 6 Leavers' Mass

Our last Mass of the year was outside and for the first time in a long time, we had our whole Catholic family together to celebrate the Feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, whilst saying goodbye to our beloved Year 6s and staff who were leaving.  Fr Anthony led a beautiful mass and blessed all the leavers with holy water. The Y6 children were also presented with a leather-bound prayer book.  We will miss them and wish them luck with their future sucesses.

Yr3 Corpus Christi Procession

To celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi we processed around our local area, sprinkling rose petals and singing ‘Oh Sacrament Most Holy.’  Afterwards Fr Anthony led the children in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  This was helping the children to understand one of our rich Catholic traditions, whilst also ensuring that the children know how important it is to evangelise and be a witness to our faith. The children were able to bear witness to their faith whilst showing them the importance of evangelisation.  

Yr 5 & 6 Corpus Christi Procession and Mass - 16.06.2022

The Feast of Corpus Christi is such a joyful ocassion, we used the opportunity to process to our local church, St. Joseph's.  Year 5 & 6 made beautiful banners so that residents along the way to church would know what we were doing and why we were doing it.  The children learnt the importance of evangalisation whilst showing that they were bearing witness to our faith.  Mass was led by Fr Anthony and Deacon Kim and it was a delight to be able to celebrate mass in our affiliated church.

Sports Day 2022

Yr6 Class of 2022

Some of the children in year 6 have been very busy making a Class of 2022 poster.  The children came together to use their artistic talents and pieced together the art work in an act of unity!

Annual Schools Mass

For the Annual Schools' Mass, we went to the mother church, St John's Cathedral, Portsmouth.  Some children brought gifts for Bishop Philip who thoroughly enjoyed meeting the children.  He led an inspring mass about the importance of symbols and how we can recognise them in our faith.  Afterwords, Deacon Craig led us in a tour around the Cathedral which celebrated its 140th year this year.  Our RE Director, Mrs McLaren, helped out by looking after the children and ensuring that we had a wonderful day.  Later, we ate icecreams in the park!

Marian Procession

In the month of May, we remember Our Lady and the special sacrifice that she did for us. To commemorate this and celebrate this, we went on a Marian Procession so that our local residents would remember why this month is very important to Our Lady as we remember her and the gift of the Rosary.  The children enjoyed this procession as one of our rich Catholic traditions as they offered up their intentions by saying the Rosary.

Year 4 Trip

Day 1

Day 2

Day 2 continued and Day 3

Day 1 

We arrived safely and full of energy.  We met the wonderful In2action staff who quickly got to know us and entertain us.  Afternnoon and evening activities have been completed by all and thoroughly  enjoyed. Dinner was eaten and most welcome by all.  Lots of dancing, sweets eaten and teeth brushed!


The children have made a fantastic start to their trip experience with many children facing new chalenges.  We are proud of them all.  Fingers crossed for a good nights sleep and we will update you all again tomorrow.  Enjoy the photos.

Day 2 

FIrst night went very well, all children slept through until about half past 5 yes

We are amazed at how well the children settled and slept and are all getting ready for breakfast now. 

Further updates later today.


Breakfast was choice of cereal, toast and fruit,  followed by lumch which was tomato soup, baguette or choices from the salad bar.  The children have clearly worked up an appetite from all the activities.  The weatjer is good and the children continue to participate well and challenge themselves.  There is lots of cheering, support and encouragement amonst them and we continue to be very pleased with how well they are doing.

Today's activities are:

  • Waterwars
  • Climbing Wall
  • Crystal Maze
  • Archery
  • Aeroball
  • Body zorbs

Dinner tonight was fish and chips, macaroni cheese and salad bar, followed by delicious ice-cream or sorbets.

Tonight's evening activity, Gameshow, started off really well with fantastic music choices and lots of movement.  In fact, as I write this they are still outdoors and still going strong!  Fingers crossed for another good nights sleep.

Enjoy the photos and we'll see you all tomorrow. 





Year 4 Settlement

My Movie 7-compressed.MOV

Year 6 Paris Trip 2022

Day 1 Monday 4th April

After a very early start we were off! Eventually got on the ferry around 11:50. Lunch was followed by a very choppy crossing. We eventually landed on French soil at about 14.30 local time. We arrived at our accommodation around 18.30. Everybody got to their room and unpacked. Dinner consisted of French "Bangers & Mash". The children then had a tour of the site followed by evening activities. We have just finished saying prayers and it's lights out! (22.30) We will be up at 07.00 ready for our day in Disney. Good night and God bless.

Day 2 Tuesday 5th April

Apologies, for some reason yesterday's update was deleted so here we go. Children were shattered after a long day travelling. It was a very quiet night. In fact we can't remember it ever being so quiet! After a hearty breakfast we left at 09.00 for Disney, arriving at 10.00 on what was a chilly but dry day. We made our way to our first ride - Tower of Terror - this set the tone for the day! More followed: Phantom Manor, Slinky the Dog, Pirates of the Carribean, Sky Mountain and my personal favourite the Mad Hatter's Tea Cups. We then enjoyed our lunch and later, the Stars Parade. We arrived back to a dinner of chicken and rice with vegetables followed by doughnuts. Evening activities concluded about 21.45 and then off to bed after prayers. A relatively quiet night so up and early today. We will be off to the market to source lunch later. Everybody in good spirits. Good morning and God bless - enjoy your day.

Day 3 Wednesday 6th April

Another quiet night. This morning we headed out after breakfast to visit the market. Each group was given 30 euros to buy all that was needed to provide a sumptious lunch. Each child took it in turn to ask in French exactly what we wanted. The children were really very good. Excellent in fact and were so confident in their use of the language! No fear - it was great to see. The children also used their French to purchase some presents. (Some of you are in for a real treat) .Afternoon activities follwed, taking us up to dinner. EVERYBODY had a shower prior to getting ready for tonight's activity - THE DISCO!!! I'm pleased to say we all survived. (Just) We all gathered for our evening prayers and the children are almost all asleep as I write. Tomorrow it's Paris, so a good night's sleep for everyone is essential. We remembered you all in our prayers together with the rest of our St. Joseph's family. Good night and God bless. 

Day 4 Thursday 7th April


Reading Champions

Prayers for Ukraine

Loving God, we pray for the people of Ukraine, for all those suffering or afraid, that you will be close to them and protect them.

Ash Wednesday 2022

To prepare our souls for the season of Lent, Fr Anthony came to school and burnt the blessed Palm Crosses that we would be putting on our head to mark Ash Wednesday.  The children enjoyed learning about where the ashes come from.  The following day, the children were led in a special liturgy to mark the start of Lent and receive the crosses on their forehead.  Even the babies in pre-school got ashes on their forehead.  This is an important way that we evangelise and bear witness to our faith.

Diversity Day